About Us

Everyday we are bombarded with bad news. The sky is falling in so many places that it seems a miracle that we aren’t already extinct. But that’s not the whole story. While there are bad actors in the world there are also those who are working on projects that can and will revolutionize our world and our future.

That’s why we built PROOF, to bring you the stories of the breakthrough people, organizations, communities and technology that are making the world a better place. Our mission is to give you viable visions of a thriving future today and inspire you to know that you can take action to make a difference with your purpose and passion.

We are going to share PROOF that humanity is rising above the problems we are facing.

We will share PROOF of good work being done on sustainability, a socially just world, a regenerated planet, a civil community, good governance, economic equity, racial/lgbtq/indigenous equity and equality.

We will share PROOF of breakthroughs in governance, economics, climate restoration, regeneration, sustainable urban development, decentralization, space-tech, community, blockchains and tokenization.

Most of all we will show PROOF of human kindness, generosity, longterm-omnconsiderate infinite game development and game play and the love of those who are working for a thriving future for humanity and the planet we live on

Join us as we bring you stories from the frontier of the Thriving Future. .

BOLD.LY NOW is a movement of co-creative up-levelers who have a burning desire to step free of our collapsing world & take the most daring leap forward to a thriving world.

PROOF is a Generative Futures Initiative Project

The Generative Futures Initiative
Generating a Thriving Future for All

PROOF is a digital magazine published by Bold.ly NOW and the Generative Futures Initiative.  The mission of the magazine is to shine a light on people, organisations and ideas that stand as Proof of a Thriving Future.